October 2015 - Vienna - Urbanize Festival
January 2015 - Linz

This work was developed as a response to Catacomb Saints, two of which are still displayed at St Ursula's Church in Linz. The work was an exchange between two parties, sharing death custom, intimacy in touching and arranging the body of another, thoughts on death and funerary and finally an image of the decorated body.

Developed through the Hotel Obscura Workshop in Linz this work was subsequently selected for performance in the Hotel Wolfinger. For one night this work was shown in Room 34 of the Hotel as a participatory live art experience. In October of 2015, this work was further commissioned for a two day run at Magdas Hotel in Vienna.

Hotel Obscura was presented by Triage Live Art Collective and die Fabrikanten at the Salzamt in Linz, Austria.

A huge thanks to Forum St. Severin for the access to the Catacomb Saints.

Photographs courtesy of die Fabrikanten and with granted permission of the participants.